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Rising star: Actress Aisling Franciosi is heading Stateside

Aisling Franciosi is set to become a household name in the States as The Fall is set for release on Netflix.

The stunning brunette, who stars alongside Jamie Dornan in the series, is excited for its release.

Timing wise it couldn’t be better for me to go out,

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Young Love: Aisling stars alongside Jamie Dornan is The Fall.

“I would love to do American work, there’s some great thing happening in TV in the States,” she said. 

Although movies seem like the next step, the 22-year-old is happy with TV work.

As much as I still want to do film, sometimes I think there’s great scope to really explore a character through a few seasons.


Hollywood: The star is set for US stardom

“To be honest, my only goal is to do good, quality work, wherever that is, I’ll go wherever that takes me,” she explained to Irish Tatler. 

The bilingual actress has been named as a Star for Tomorrow by Screen International and been attracting attention since starring alongside Gariel Byrne in Quirke.

“Obviously, it’s a massive compliment, some of the people who have tipped me are very well respected.

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Star Quality: Aisling tipped as one to watch

“Sometimes I go, ‘Oh god, I don’t know if I’ll ever live up to that.’ But then I remember that there is so much that dictates your career,

“I obviously want to do good work, and if that gets some recognition, then great,” she added.


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