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Radio DJ accuses Doireann Garrihy and Eoghan McDermott of ‘nicking’ his segment

It all kicked off on Twitter

Picture: Kinlan Photography.

A radio DJ has hit out at 2FM hosts Doireann Garrihy and Eoghan McDermott – accusing them of “nicking” his segment.

Darren Rice, who works for radio station Beat, shared a video of his regular segment called ‘ChaRadio’, which he claimes Doireann and Eoghan “changed up a bit” and have been using on their new breakfast show on 2FM.

Taking to Twitter Darren tagged the presenters, suggesting they took his “highly successful 6 month old homework”.

Although Doireann didn’t reply, Eoghan came back to the presenter and said he will make sure the name of their segment is changed, but denied taking the idea from him.

“Hi Darren. With the greatest of respect, I’ve never heard your show and the comp is completely different. Happy to change the name if it’s upsetting you. Peace,” Eoghan wrote.

“Brainstormed at a round table last week infact,” Eoghan added.

“The civil approach is just as effective as a bravado twitter callout, particularly given you didn’t listen before doing so and the competition is different. Positive vibes and consider the name changed.”

It seems the row all get settled as Darren said he would “appreciate” the name change, but claimed he hadn’t been listening to their breakfast show either.

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