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Pregnant Ciara Doherty opens up about the ‘struggle’ of juggling parenthood and work

The Irish presenter is due to welcome baby number two in summer

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Ciara Doherty has opened up about the “struggle” of juggling parenthood and work.

The Virgin Media star is expecting her second child with her husband Richard Stern, and is due to give birth in the summer.

The couple both work in the TV industry, and have not yet got childcare to help them out with their busy schedules.

Speaking with TV Now magazine, the Irish presenter explained: “Both myself and my husband work in the TV industry – we both have to leave the house to go to work.”

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“We don’t have childcare at the moment and won’t have until February at the earliest.

“I’m doing a lot of my work at the weekends so it frees me up during the week day,” she added.

“We’re just taking it week by week – and I tell you there is definitely a sense of relief when you get to Friday, and breathe.”

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Speaking to the Irish Sun last week, the Donegal native said: “We are lucky, we only have one and she is young so no home-schooling, or emergency remote learning, but still it is tough.

“We’ll never take childcare for granted again,” Ciara confessed.

“And I keep telling myself, this is what you wanted, more one-on-one time with your child, and you try and see the positives but it is starting to wear off.”

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