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A play about drug mule Michaella McCollum is opening at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

It seems like people really can’t get enough of Michaella McCollum – as a play about her is about to open at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The Tyrone native is a convicted drug smuggler, and arrived back home this weekend, after serving only half her sentence in Peru.

Now a play based on the story of Michaella and her fellow drug mule Melissa Reid is set to premiere today.

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Home: Michaella landed in Dublin this weekend

Although ‘Mule’ is based on fictional characters, their stories are quite similar to Michaella and Melissa’s.

Mule opens at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival today, and will also run from the 18th until the 29th of this month.

On the Fringe Festival website, the plot seems very similar to Michaella’s story.

“Naive and threatened or calculated and planned?,” it states.

“How does the seemingly innocent adventure of a summer spent in the party capital of the world spiral out of control and end locked up in a notoriously hard core South American prison?

“Inspired by the real events of the Peru Two, Mule explores the murky, hedonistic world of drug smuggling and its apparent female-isation.”


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