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Pippa O’Connor shares pregnancy update as she nears due date

Pippa O’Connor has shared a pregnancy update with her followers, as she edges closer to her due date.

The 36-year-old and her husband Brian Ormond are expecting their third child together, and Pippa is due to give birth next month.

Speaking on her Instagram Story, the POCO founder said: “I just cannot believe that next Friday is the 1st of October which is the day we open the shop which means that baby is coming in October.”

“I just can’t get my head around it still even though I’m very much looking and feeling it.”

“I’m feeling it the last few days, just heavy and even walking today I’m trying my best,” she explained.

“No complaints as such thank God just feeling heavier and kind of harder to walk, you know that kind of pressure.”

The Kildare native then shared how she’s preparing for their new arrival.

“I have loads of time and everything still, but I will get a little bit more organised this week and pack a bag and wash a few little newborn Babygros and all that jazz,” she said.

“Just so in my own head I feel a little bit more prepared because it’s nice, I think, to feel prepared.”

Pippa also revealed she plans to use a sentimental piece of furniture for their new baby.

“I have a moses basket in storage that is in my family over forty years and mum got it first for my sister and we’ve all slept in it, cousins, everyone,” she explained.

“So it’s very sentimental to me. You could definitely get something slicker and smaller looking now.

“It’s one of those big old fashioned brown ones on a stand. So I want to use that and get it fixed up.”


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