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Pippa O’Connor says she DOESN’T get paid to promote products on Snapchat

Pippa O’Connor has insisted she isn’t getting paid to promote brands on Snapchat.

The beauty and fashion blogger took to Snapchat to tell her followers that she doesn’t think influencers and celebrities should be plugging products through their social media, unless they clearly state they are being paid.

“Anything I talk about on here whether it’s beauty, fashion, somewhere I’ve been, something I’ve used, if I am collaborating with a brand on anything, it will always be said this is an ad i.e they are paying me to collaborate with them,” she said.

“If I don’t state otherwise it means I’m just sharing what I like,” she explained.

Pippa added that she is constantly turning down requests to be paid for social media posts.

“Just to fill you in on my point of view. I’m asked dozens, probably more than dozens of times a day to promote a brand, company, product, salon, hotel you name it I’m asked to plug it and promote it.

“But I have to respect the amount of following I have and be true. I could be on here 100s of times a day saying ‘this is amazing’, ‘that’s amazing’, ‘go here’, ‘go there’ but you’re not stupid. But I never ever do that.

“If someone asks me how much do I charge to do an Instagram post or Snapchat post I just don’t, I don’t do that. That’s not what I’m about,” she explained.

“I only ever collaborate on a kind of big campaign basis, so you’d know all about it…I don’t do one off posts.”

The POCO By Pippa owner added that she feels any bloggers and influencers starting out, need to know they won’t last if they aren’t honest with their followers.

“Apart from it being important to be honest and to not try and pull the wool over people’s eyes to make a few bob, it’s against the law, you have to state when something is an ad and if something is sponsored…and I think it’s a good rule.

“I’m obviously only speaking for myself, I don’t know what anyone else does or how they conduct themselves.

“You have to be true, you have to be honest with yourself, because you won’t last and people will just see through that and be like ‘ugh she’s talking crap again’.

“I think there’s nothing wrong by the way with a blogger, celebrity, influencer doing the sponsored tweets, snaps, instagram, by all means do it but be honest with yourself and be honest with everyone else,” she added.

Honest: Pippa thinks bloggers should be more truthful

The mum-of-two admitted she feels no pressure to post about products she is sent from brands, admitting she hides 80% of her deliveries from her followers online.

“I probably show 20% of what’s sent to me. Things I use and like I’ll show it.

“And then obviously we give a lot of things away to charity because we couldn’t possible use everything,” she added.

It comes after the Advertising Authority of Ireland have started to monitor influencers on their use of ‘#AD’ on their Snapchat and Instagram posts.

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