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Pippa O’Connor reveals the ‘countdown is on’ as she nears due date

Pippa O’Connor has revealed the “countdown is on”, as she awaits the arrival of her third child.

The 36-year-old and her husband Brian Ormond are expecting their third child together, and Pippa is due to give birth at the end of October.

Sharing a pregnancy update with her followers on Instagram, Pippa said: “I got to see baby today, had a hospital appointment. Baby is measuring big, at a good healthy weight, thank goodness.”

The POCO founder, who is already mum to sons Ollie, 8, and Louis, 5, continued: “What were Ollie and Louis? Nine and a half, just under nine [pounds].”

“Would you believe I was ten and a half pounds? 10/11 something like that. My poor mother she had to stay in hospital for a few weeks after me, no wonder.”

Opening up about how she’s been feeling, Pippa said: “I get kind of uncomfortable at night time, trying to get to sleep and all that.”

“And now more and more pressure all time, you can really feel it.”

“Not that you couldn’t feel it for the last nine months but I can really feel it now.”

“All is good, no other updates. The countdown is on,” she added.


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