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Pippa O’Connor confirms she will no longer run her Fashion Factory events

Pippa O’Connor has confirmed that she will no longer run her popular Fashion Factory events.

The fashion blogger has been delivering her stylish day out events to women across Ireland for over four years – but unfortunately, her most recent one was her last.

The mother-of-two explained why she decided to stop while speaking to Georgie Crawford on her podcast, The Good Glow: “I am a believer in leaving things on a high and leaving things before they leave you.”

“I’m not saying that I’m not doing anything like that again but I think things need to be revamped and rejigged and just made bigger and better.”

The POCO owner admitted that she is ready for something new and said: “I have the urge now to do something else and something different.”

“I don’t believe in dragging the arse out of something or I don’t believe in doing something because you think ‘I need to do that now to make money’.”

The entrepreneur explained how much effort goes into planning the huge event and admitted: “You have to be really into it and the Fashion Factory is so time-consuming and takes so much energy and passion to do it.”

“I loved doing it but now I’m like, okay now I want to do something different and I want it be really excited about something else again.”

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