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Pippa O’Connor announces HUGE news: ‘It’s time to say farewell’

Fans will be disappointed with this


Pippa O’Connor has revealed some big beauty news.

The fashion entrepreneur has announced that her much-loved ‘Pippa Palette’ with Blank Canvas Cosmetics is coming to an end.

The eyeshadow and bronzer and blusher palette has been a huge success, since launching in 2015.

Pic Brian McEvoy

Taking to Instagram stories, Pippa revealed her first makeup collaboration is being discontinued.

“I cannot believe it, it’s been around for four years now, which is mad.

“When we came up with the idea of doing the palette together, it was launched in the summer and we said we’ll do it ’til Christmas.

“We did it with the intention of it being limited edition and every just loved it and they do still love it,” she explained.

But the mum-of-two hinted that there could be another beauty range to come.

“It’s time to say farewell and move on… who knows what else will happen,” she told her followers.

You can get the final products still on Blank Canvas Cosmetics for €35 HERE.