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Pierce Brosnan makes front page news in India over spat with popular brand

Pierce Brosnan has made headline news across India after he hit out at popular Indian brand Pan Bahar, and he demanded for his image to be removed from their advertising campaign.

It emerged that after he was cast in the print and TV commercials he learned that the product he is promoting is linked to cancer.

The Irish actor is said to be “shocked” by the deceptive use of his image, which he fronts for pan masala a popular indian seed, herb and spices mixture which has been associated with bad health.

The 007 actor released a statement to People magazine on Friday expressing his “heartfelt apologies” for causing offense. He also stated that he was “grossly manipulated” by Pan Bahar and slammed their “deceptive” use of his image to endorse its entire range of products.

He said: “I would never have entered into an agreement to promote a product in India that is dangerous to one’s health”.

The recently launched advertising campaign features the Hollywood star decked out in a tuxedo and sporting a beard and has been placed across several media platforms such as TV, newspapers and billboards across India.

In the TV advertisement which is also currently airing Brosnan proclaims: “Class never goes out of style.”

The Momma Mia actor was led to believe that the product promoted breath freshening and teeth whitening. He also outlined that his contract stipulated he would only promote a ‘breath fresher/tooth whitener’.

In response to Pierce’s claims, Pan Bahar’s spokesman Dinesh Jain told the Times of India: “The advertisement was made as per the contract between Pierce Brosnan and the company, following all the formalities.”
He also said, “Everything was done as per the contract. The product is 0% tobacco.”

Following a stage acting career Brosnan rose to popularity in the 80’s television series Remington Steel. He is best know for his stint in James Bond where he played the 007 agent in Golden Eye, Tomorrow Never Dies and The World is Not Enough.


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