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People slam Emily Blunt’s ‘leprechaun’ Irish accent in trailer for new film

People have been reacting to the new trailer for ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’, slamming Emily Blunt’s “leprechaun” Irish accent.

The English actress will star alongside Jamie Dornan, Christopher Walken, Jon Hamm and Dearbhla Molloy in the upcoming romantic comedy based on John Patrick Shanley’s play ‘Outside Mullingar’.

Emily stars as Rosemary Muldoon, who falls in love with Jamie’s character Anthony Reilly before they get caught up in a dispute over farmland.

The trailer for the film dropped today, with viewers taking to Twitter to share their thoughts – many criticising Emily’s attempt at the Irish accent.

One viewer tweeted: “Emily Blunt with the full leprechaun accent is hard to listen to.”

A second wrote: “I love Emily Blunt with all my heart but lord above that accent is atrocious.”

“I feel like my beloved Emily Blunt prepared for this by watching Maura on love island,” a third joked, referring to the Love Island favourite.

Viewers were equally unimpressed by Down native Jamie’s accent, with one tweeting: “tell me how Jamie dornan is actually Irish and yet his Irish accent in this sounds fake??”

Another wrote: “Absolutely fascinated with Jamie Dornan’s accent here. How on earth has he, an Irish man, managed to make his character sound like like an American playing an Irish man.”


A third commented: “It’s quite impressive that out of all the terrible Irish accents that Jamie Dornan’s is the worst.”

Last month, Emily spoke to People magazine about preparing for the role, revealing she would blame her co-star Jamie if she faced backlash for the accent.

She explained: “Well, Jamie’s from Northern Ireland. So we were both sort of thrown in at the deep end having to do an accent that was unfamiliar.

“I’ll admit, I’m sure I had a tougher time with it than he did initially, but he’s not usually one to give people tips, he’s the most unpresumptuous person ever.

“But he assured me that I sounded Irish and I’m going to believe him. So if he’s wrong, I’m going to blame him for any backlash on my accent. He has assured me it was a great Irish accent. We’ll see.”

Wild Mountain Thyme


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