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People all over the world are hitting out at former Xpose presenter Peter O’Riordan – for questioning Pete Davidson’s ‘suicide’ post

Former Xpose star Peter O’Riordan is facing serious backlash online – after questioning Pete Davidson’s ‘suicide’ post.

The comedian had worried fans, family and friends when he shared a post saying he couldn’t be on “this earth” anymore.

While most took to social media to send him positive wishes, even ex Ariana Grande rushing to be by his side, Peter instead hit out at the SNL star.

“People that want to commit suicide JUST DO IT,” he wrote.

“They don’t publicize it and broadcast it like an attention seeking whore Pete ….. sick of people fucking throwing around “mental health” as a buzz word you sycophantic POS.”

People were quick to criticise the tweet, with many saying they had even reported Peter’s account for suspension.

He then deleted the tweeted but in another tweet, Peter apologised for what he has said, saying he was “deeply sorry” if he caused offence.

“Mental health is a very serious issue,my comment was intended to highlight the need for Pete to seek help for his issues privately & not have it all over social media,” he wrote.

“My comment caused offense or was misinterpreted,then I am deeply sorry. I hope he gets the help he needs,” he added.


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