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Pat Kenny reveals why The Late Late Show doesn’t get many international stars

Pat Kenny has revealed the real reason why The Late Late Show struggles to nab stars for the show.

The former Late Late Show presenter told The Sun that the RTÉ talk show misses out on big names because of The Graham Norton Show on BBC.

Pat revealed that stars don’t make it to the Emerald Isle because the BBC show has a huge amount of Irish viewers.

Picture: G. McDonnell / VIPIRELAND.COM

“What you really want is a star walking onto the set of your show but that’s rare because of the way the business has changed,” he said.

“For a start, stars know that Graham Norton is widely seen in Ireland so they know they don’t have to do Ireland if they do Graham Norton.”

“The occasional time you get the star of the movie, walking onto the set, that’s what you really want.”

Pat says that all production crews have to do is set up a film crew in a hotel room to get publicity.

“These days all movie companies have to do is set up in the Savoy Hotel with a film crew and invite people from all over Europe to jet in and interview the stars who are sitting in front of a poster of the film.”

“Then you’ve got YouTube and a hundred channels to show those interviews so it’s a different environment. You still get big names coming into Ireland but it’s rare.”

The Late Late Show competes with not only The Graham Norton Show and YouTube for guests, but also with RTÉ’s Saturday night talk show, The Ray D’arcy Show.


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