Over €100k raised for Shannen Joyce in a matter of hours – after cancer returns for the third time

The Instagram star has received a huge amount of support from her followers


Over €100k has been raised for Shannen Joyce and her family, just hours after she announced that her cancer has returned for the third time.

The mother-of-one has gained a huge Instagram following over the past few years, as she uses her platform to raise awareness of cancer – following her battle with Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Sadly at the age of 25, Shannen has now relapsed for the third time in six years, and will require more Chemotherapy, and a second Donor Transplant.

After Shannen announced the devastating news on Instagram on Wednesday, her friend Ciaran Byrne, who has also battled cancer, set up a GoFundMe for Shannen and her family.

Although they initially hoped to raise just €10k – over €106,000 has been raised as of this morning.

On the GoFundMe page, Ciaran wrote: “I am creating this campaign for my friend Shannen. Shannen has received the devastating news that her Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma has relapsed, for the 3rd time in just 6 years.”

“In 2014, Shannen was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, at just 19 years of age. After tough rounds of Chemotherapy and other medical treatment, Shannen went into remission. Then at 24, in 2019, Shannen relapsed.”

“I met Shannen last year when she was undergoing a Stem Cell Transplant in St.James’s hospital to treat her cancer. I myself had undergone a Transplant and I reached out to offer my support.”

“Shannen received her Transplant last year, just in time to return home to Cork to spend Christmas with her partner Barry and young daughter Róisín. Over the past year she has slowly rebuilt her life with her family, piecing back together her dreams and ambitions.”

He continued: “To have a 3rd relapse at just 25, is devastating for Shannen and her family. Shannen will require more Chemotherapy, and a second Donor Transplant in Dublin.”

“Unfortunately her partner Barry will be unable to work in the current Covid climate and together they will need to make several trips to Dublin, including for the Transplant in St.James’s hospital.”

“I know first hand how difficult this is, and it is a long road to recovery both as an inpatient in hospital and back home. During this time Shannen will need Barry at her side, fully focussed on her recovery.”


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“This is an extremely difficult time, and financially it is crippling. They have a young daughter, rent, medical bills and all the costs that any young couple have, with little income to support them,” Ciaran wrote.

“I know this is a tough time for us all. But, if you can spare a small donation it would go a long way toward easing the financial pressure, and remove one less worry. Shannen – we are all here for you, get better soon.”

You can donate to the GoFundMe page here.

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