Oliver Callan hits out at Repeal The 8th campaign


Oliver Callan has hit out at the Repeal The Eighth campaign.

The RTE star has said that he is “sick” of the ongoing campaign, insisting that the campaign is being supported by “media nitwits”.

Those involved in the campaign are calling for a referendum to repeal the 8th Amendment to the Constitution of the Republic of Ireland which states that “the State acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and, as far as practicable, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.”

“I’m sick of the Repeal the Eighth automaton morons who think theirs is the only voice that matters, or their view is the epitome of modern thought,” he said.

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Sick of it: Oliver is fed up with the Repeal The Eighth campaigners | VIPIRELAND.COM

“The most annoying aspect of the Repeal gang is that they are buoyed by the docile unquestioning support of social media nitwts.

“Many of them have evidently given no real thought to what they’re supporting, only that it’s a cool thing to do.

The comedian didn’t just criticise pro-choice campaigners but also those fighting for the pro-life side.

“I’ve had it up to my eyeballs with the pro-life crew too, with their Addams Family street tactics of dead baby posters and talk of lethal injections on unborn children,” he wrote in his column for the Irish Sun.

 “Even the euphemism ‘pro-choice’ shows how frightened the Repealers are of saying the word ‘abortion’. The word is a total mood-killer.

“They should be called pro-abortion, even if they are too spooked to talk about being in favour of choosing to end a life.

“They can dress it up with their book club, art gallery, ‘totes, like yaaah’ lifestyles all they want, but there are awkward truths they need to swallow if they want to carry the country on their trendy adventure.”



Merch: The jumpers for the repeal campaign are constantly sold out | REPEAL.IE

Oliver revealed that some campaigners are involved because it’s a trend unaware they could lose a job over it.

“The Repeal.ie store is now sold out of its horrible black jumpers with ‘Repeal’ across the chest, the garment of choice at an IRA funeral,” he continued.

“The fashion statement proves that this is a too-cool trend rather than a courageous stand for which you might lose your job or position in society.


“It’s unclear what if anything the pro-abortion supporters suggest replacing the Eighth Amendment with.

“There is little discussion within their ranks beyond constantly sharing the daft Repeal the Eighth logo that looks eerily like those love-heart sherbert sweets.


Controversy: The campaigners have striked up an intense debate in Ireland | PRO LIFE CAMPAIGN

“I suppose ‘Repeal the Eighth’ written on a syringe used to terminate a foetus is not as palatable.

“The pro-life group are equally shy about admitting some are motivated by their links to a discredited religion run by corrupt men in frocks.


“As in the gay marriage debate, it was clear priests or bishops were going to get short shrift from the public.

“So a hapless bunch of frowny civilians are paraded to do their bidding instead, like Breda O’Brien, David Quinn and the aforementioned Ronan.

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Legal: Pro-lifers don’t understand they don’t have to have an abortion if they don’t want it | VIPIRELAND.COM

The Monaghan native also revealed that one of the biggest problems of those supporting the Eighth Amendment don’t realise they don’t have to have an abortion is it’s made legal.


“Their biggest problem in supporting the Eighth is that they’re imposing a law on others which doesn’t affect them in return.

“Even if abortion on demand is fully legal, it doesn’t mean that those opposed to it morally must have one.

“The bad odour of the cruel and controlling Church history surrounds pro-life spokespeople, making them appear the opposite of modern.

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Silent side: Oliver admitted that he’s part of the silent majority who are on the fence | VIPIRELAND.COM

Oliver concluded that he’s part of the silent majority, those who are being criticised for sitting on the fence.

“I strongly believe I’m part of the actual silent majority — the middle ground.

“The biggest criticism of us is that we’re sitting on the fence and have to eventually come off,” he added.

“I like the view for now and await the day when some of these punters get civil and bring us into the right side of an issue that can’t be simplified on a jumper.”

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