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NSAC to file complaint against Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov following Saturday’s brawl

Both of the fighters could face disciplinary actions following the post-fight brawl


The Nevada State Athletic Commission is set to file a complaint against both Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomev following Saturday’s post-fight brawl.

The MMA stars could both face disciplinary action as a result of the fight and a full investigation into the brawl is set to be conducted.

“We will be filing against Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov,” chairman of the NSAC,¬†Anthony Marnell, told ESPN.


“Because we withheld one purse, we will have to move expeditiously to a complaint and hearing.¬†We have held 100 percent of one of the fighter’s money,” Anthony said, as Khabib has not received his $2 million for the fight, while Conor has been given his payment.

“Temporary suspensions will be out shortly, and we’re shooting for a final hearing date in November,” he continued.

As for one of the men who jumped into the octagon to attack Conor, the chairman said: “We’re taking a really hard look at that gentleman. We know exactly who he is and where he is. I have to let the attorney general determine — is that trespassing, disturbing the peace? That was a serious action and it deserves a serious consequence.”

Khabib could potentially lose his lightweight title as a result of the attack and might also face a suspension and fine for his actions.

When asked whether the Russian fighter would receive a suspension or fine, Anothony said: “It’s always both. We could do one or the other, but at least in the chair’s mind, I think the commission will be entertaining a recommendation from the attorney general that will include both.”

Khabib jumped over the octagon to attack one of Conor’s teammates, following his win over the Crumlin native on Saturday.

Several members of his team were then seen entering the octagon to attack Conor and a viscous brawl quickly ensued.