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Norah Casey reveals heartbreak after going through ‘terrible’ IVF

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Norah Casey has revealed her heartbreak after she went through “terrible IVF”.

The broadcaster, who struggled to conceive her ‘miracle’ son Dara (17) admitted that she went through several failed cycles of IVF with her late husband Richard Hannaford.

“Before I had Darragh, my little miracle baby, I went through terrible IVF. Continually, it didn’t work, and I became pregnant with twins and lost them,” she said in the Sunday Independent LIFE Magazine.

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Terrible: Norah opened up about her terrible time with IVF | VIPIRELAND.COM

“But who, of course, came charging over to London and put me back together? My mum.

“She’s always been a rock for me. She’s always been the person who knows the right thing to say,” she said.

The brunette, who is the face of major publishing company Harmonia, also revealed that her mother, Mags, helped her through her husband Richard’s death back in 2011, after he lost his battle with cancer.

“Many times during Richard’s illness, she put me back together.

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Support: Norah leaned on her mum after her husband’s death | VIPIRELAND.COM

“The day Richard was told, ‘You should put your affairs in order’ . . . to say that we fell apart . . . I could hardly drive. We went out to my mum, and I still don’t know what magic she performed, but she put us back together. I still think about that day,” she admitted.

Norah’s mum also gave credit to her daughter for how she coped after Richard’s death.

“I remember the day they told me Richard had terminal cancer very well. Richard was a very special person. He was very kind. All of us were heartbroken.

“Words are not much good at a time like that. You don’t know what the right words are. I certainly didn’t, but I remember reaching my hand out to them. It was very emotional, and it’s difficult to think back on,” Mags said.