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Nicky Byrne denies making comments about Little Mix’s ‘sexual’ performances

"I have never seen any of their shows."

Nicky Byrne at The Gossies 2018 | Brian McEvoy

Nicky Byrne has taken to Twitter to deny making comments about Little Mix.

The Westlife star was quoted by The Mirror as allegedly saying that he finds Rihanna and Little Mix’s performances too sexual to be appropriate for children.

“If you go to a Rihanna ­concert, she is probably going to be wearing very little clothes and it is all very ­sexual. So at what age do you allow your daughter to experience those kinds of visuals? Little Mix are the same, they are very provocative,” he is quoted as allegedly saying by the publication.

Nicky denies making any such comment about the four-piece girl band.

Taking to Twitter, he penned a lengthy statement about the mix up:

“I have never seen Little Mix in concert, I have played them a gazillion times on my radio show in the past and think they are a brilliant pop band, one of the best around in the past 7 years in fact,” he wrote.


“In a recent interview when Mark (Feelihy) was mentioning Rihanna and wondering when it would be appropriate to let his daughter watch the show, I, having seen Rihanna live at the Aviva, tongue in cheek said I went to Rihanna and you know when you’e going to see her it’s going to be a brilliant show – sexual yes!”

“And yes you have to decide when to allow your young daughter or son to go along.”

“In the interview maybe one of the other lads mentioned Little Mix, but like I said I have never seen any of their shows.”

“Recently I brought all of my kids to see Ariana Grande and some of the dancer seem to forget their trousers ( I know all too well how quick those changes are!!! It can easily happen) but it was an awesome show and my kids loved it.”

He continued: “Hope that clears it up for you all and Little Mix keep doing your thing you guys rock.”

In the comments section of the post, he replied to a number of fans, again claiming to have never commented on Little Mix’s sets.