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Niamh Cullen lifts the lid on wedding plans as she prepares to marry longtime love Jamie Gill

Niamh Cullen has lifted the lid on her wedding plans as she prepares to marry her longtime love Jamie Gill.

The influencer and her beau got engaged last December while they were doing some early Christmas shopping.

The couple met at a Bingo Loco event five years ago, and became friends before they started dating.

Speaking on Louise Cooney’s Open Book podcast, Niamh admitted: “I actually kind of knew [the proposal] was going to happen because he was actually acting a little bit funny that week, what he was doing as well wouldn’t really be like Jamie.”

“He was kind of encouraging me to go on Instagram, he was like ‘you should go on Instagram and address a few things, tell people why you’ve been upset and sad’.”

“He wanted a clean slate so when we woke [the day after the proposal], he was so cute, he booked The Shelbourne for us, and we woke up the next day and he was just like ‘are you getting loads of lovely messages?’ and I was like ‘Yeah’.”

“I said to him,’iit’s so nice, I’m getting people who are still commenting on how I shared about my mental health’ and he was like ‘yeah that’s why I was encouraging you, I really wanted you to have such a clean slate’ and I was like ‘that’s just so cute of you to think that’.”

Lifting the lid on wedding plans, Niamh said: “I feel like we’re definitely going to get married abroad, hopefully, maybe the end of next year, we’ll see how finances are – I also want to get a house, I’m wanting it all, so we’re just going to have to see, who knows.”

Recalling a conversation in Jamie’s parents’ house, Niamh explained she was surprised when Jamie told them they’d be getting married in a church.

“I looked at him and I was like ‘what? Jamie I’m not getting married in a church’. I’m not a practising Catholic, I’m sorry, like all my friends got married in churches, I’m all for it but [it’s not] for me.”

“Jamie’s dad’s looking at me from the corner of his eye and he’s like shoock at me and I was like ‘I’ll burn up in flames in that church, if I’m at the altar I’ll catch smoke!’ So if I’m getting married in a church you’re going to have a bucket of water ready.”

“I would love to go off to the likes of Ibiza or something fun [for my hen] but if we’re asking people to travel I won’t do that, we’ll probably have something like my 30th, have a big whopper party.”

In February, Niamh and Jamie held their engagement party in The StoryTeller Pub in Dublin.

The couple got Chained welded forever bracelets to mark their special occasion.


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