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Niall Horan’s Dad says he’s ‘proud’ of him for staying grounded despite fame

The One Directioner's father says his son has 'respect for other people'


Niall Horan’s Dad has revealed that he is proud of his son for staying grounded despite his fame.

Speaking to the Westmeath Examiner Bobby Horan has stated that he is most proud of Niall for how he has “held his head” in spite of the incredible fame and recognition the singer has received as a solo artist, and as a member of One Direction.

Bobby said: “At the end of the day you’d like your children to grow up with respect for other people, and he has done that and I have to commend him for that.”

Picture Andres Poveda

Bobby also confessed that the house felt empty when Niall moved out at 16 for pursue his dream on The X Factor:

“But having said that, it’s what he wants to do; it’s what he loves to do; it shines out a mile that it is what he loves doing, and everybody says that about him.”

Bobby acknowledged that Niall lived much of his teenage years in the spotlight, noting that “if you wanted to find out about Niall – apart from the phone call he’d give you – you would find out off fans or you would find out from the media what he was up to.”


However despite the loss of a couple of extra years at home and maturing in the spotlight, Niall still has time for his family, spending Christmas in Mulligar and attending family events.

Bobby added that when Niall visits home he likes to keep things low key and enjoy time spent with family and friends.

“He keeps his life private and doesn’t want to be in the limelight at all,” he said.