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Niall Horan's brother announces he is DONE with the media – after ranting fame ruined family


One Direction star Niall Horan’s brother has announced he is retiring from Twitter and all media.

Older sibling Greg yesterday went on an online rampage, claiming that fame “destroyed” his family.

But now he has insisted he is done of being accused of “attacking my brother”.

One Direction perform at Croke Park

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He said: “Guys I’m done with twitter and media I’m being accused of digging and attacking my brother with quotes I got from other major celebs. Bye.”

Yesterday, Goss.ie told how Greg said that he fell for the hype surrounding the singer.

“Fame took over my mind,it almost destroyed my career almost destroyed my family,” Greg wrote on Twitter.

niall and theo

Nephew: Niall loves spending time with Greg’s son Theo

“I was caught up in my own hype what a guide too young stars.”

His comments come after Greg hit out at Niall’s friends for not allowing them to hang out alone.

Meanwhile Greg, who is father to Niall’s nephew Theo, is trying to sell coins with Theo’s face on them to fans.