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Niall Horan hopes to return to Ireland for Christmas – after being away from family for a year

The singer appeared on The Late Late Show tonight


Niall Horan has revealed his hopes to return to Ireland for Christmas, after being away from his family for a year.

On tonight’s Late Late Show, the singer joined Ryan Tubridy from rehearsals at the Royal Albert Hall, London – where he will perform an online gig on Saturday night.

During their chat, Niall admitted he hasn’t been home to Mullingar since last Christmas, and that he’s missing his granny.

“I would love to get home for Christmas,” he said. “For obvious reasons, it would be weird to get home…”

“I usually get home five or six times a year at least, but this year has been a weird one.”

“There’s going to be a lot of people that won’t make it home for Christmas which is so sad really, especially if you are Irish, there’s something about going home for Christmas, it’s nearly a sin if you don’t go home.”

“Hopefully I can get home for Christmas, it will be an awful shame if not.”

Niall also told Ryan he watched Bruce Springsteen on The Late Late Show recently, and agreed that it will be a long time before musicians start performing in front of live audiences again.


“You definitely get a buzz off the crowd, there’s no better feeling than getting out in front of thousands of people every night and just getting a reaction to songs that you have sat for hours writing,” he said.

“We all get that same reaction whether we are crew or a band member or whatever. As Bruce said to you, I can’t see it happening for a long time, it’s a long way away.”

“I can’t see thousands getting into big venues for a while,” he added.