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Niall Horan donates HUGE sum to the HSE for an amazing reason

The Irish singer was inspired by his grandmother to make the donation


Niall Horan has pledged to donate a massive €100,000 to the HSE.

The money will go towards buying tablets for residents living in nursing homes, so they can communicate with their families amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement, Niall said: “So many elderly people are feeling vulnerable and isolated now more than ever. Thousands of families have needed to be pulled apart, including my own.”

“Not only does this initiative bring them back together, face to face in the short term, but it’s also a positive development for the future too.”


“Thank you to the HSE for getting this off the ground. I’m very proud to work with them on it,” he added.

Paul Reid, HSE CEO, said, “I’ve been using video apps to keep in touch with my granddaughter so I know first-hand the impact Niall’s generous offer will have. Niall’s contribution is also special as it will be used long after we emerge from Covid-19.”

The Mullingar native made the decision to make the donation when he saw a picture of his cousins talking to their 89-year-old grandmother through her nursing home window.

In a video released on the HSE’s YouTube channel, the assistant director of St Ita’s Community Hospital, Geraldine Aspinall, explained how Niall’s donation has hugely helped residents.

“We were absolutely delighted with our donation of tablets from Niall Horan,” she said.

“It’s been fantastic to the residents for them to be able to engage and keep up the social aspects of their lives. We’re incredibly grateful.”

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