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Niall Horan asks fans to do something very special to honour his birthday

The singer celebrates his 26th birthday tomorrow


Niall Horan has asked his fans to do something very special to celebrate his birthday tomorrow.

The Irish singer posted a handwritten note to his Instagram account, ahead of turning 26 tomorrow.

The One Direction star asked his fans to donate to two charities that “mean a lot” to him.

In the short note, Niall encourages fans to do something to help two communities devastated by recent natural disasters.

“Hello lovely people!, Tomorrow is my 26th birthday and I’m so thankful to those of you that want to celebrate with me and send birthday wishes and love,” the note begins.

“This year I’m asking you to join me in supporting two causes that mean a lot to me for two disasters which have devastated communities and need our help. Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas. The Forest Fires in the Amazon Forest.”


“They will forever be a problem if we don’t do something to stop it. We can stop this together by supporting WWF and American Red Cross.”

“Please join me by spreading the link. Anything you can donate will make a huge difference, raising awareness and supporting those who need it the most.”

Horan advised he would start things off with a donation himself, “I’m kicking it off with a donation to both causes so again give what you can.

He signed the note: “Love Niall x.” You can donate via Niall’s link here.