Niall Horan apologises to Shawn Mendes


Niall Horan has apologised to Shawn Mendes for stealing his thunder.

The two singers are set to create a song together but the Canadian is currently touring – and the 23-year-old feels like he’s distracting from the tour.

“I’ve had to apologise to poor Shawn because he’s trying to promote his unbelievable tour and song and then he’s got people asking him about writing with me. The poor fella!” he said.

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Sorry: Niall apologised to Shawn for fans asking if they’re working on a song together | INSTAGRAM

The Mullingar man admitted that he hasn’t met properly yet with Shawn because of work schedules clashes.

“We haven’t even met yet properly,” Niall told 2FM’s Eoghan McDermott.

“We’ve been trying to meet up and jam but we haven’t had the chance to do that yet because we keep on missing each other on our excursions.”


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Niall also talked about his single dropping and how the fans reacted to it.

“What I found over the years with the band is that the more people that have the song, the higher the chance of it leaking is.

“I think we succeeded in bringing the shock factor,” he added.

“I played it to some of my friends and kept it between management and the executives at the label.”