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Neven Maguire reveals surprising past job during appearance on The Tommy Tiernan Show

Neven Maguire has revealed he worked as a DJ in a nightclub prior to becoming a chef.

The 46-year-old appeared on The Tommy Tiernan Show on Saturday night, and proved to be a huge hit with viewers.

The Cavan native opened up to the presenter about his decision to leave school at 16 to train as a chef, revealing he started working at a nightclub in Enniskillen while training.

Neven said: “I’m a big fan of dance music I have to say, and when I was young training to be a chef it would be on. I used to do a bit of DJing years ago.”

“When I was training, I used to do a bit of DJing up in a nightclub in Enniskillen. I had my desks and I used to go up to Dublin every two weeks and get dance music.”

“I know you’re frowning, I loved it, I just got a buzz from it. I just fell in love with dance music, I was all dance music. I had 2000 records at home,” he explained.

“I just love it, the high energy, when you’re in service or whatever, there is a great buzz from it. I have always loved it. Even when I’m driving up to Dublin I’d be playing dance music and just enjoying it. I always enjoy it.”

“Now some of it, drum and bass and that stuff, I’ve kind of gone past it. However, some of it is very meaningful. I kind of get lost in the music to be honest with you. I’ve reconnected with it, the way people have reconnected with food I’m having great fun with the decks at the moment.”

Viewers took to Twitter to praise the top Irish chef following his appearance on the popular chat show, while Neven showed off his skills in a video.

He wrote: “This one is for you @Tommedian @RTEOne listen closely.”


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