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Nadia Forde opens up about her new relationship: 'It's effortless'

Model Nadia Forde has gushed about her new man – admitting her relationship is “effortless”.

The Clontarf native, who has been dating Welsh rugby player Dominic Day, revealed she’s very happy.

“He’s great and he’s really relaxed and I feel really happy with him, it is effortless,” she said.



Effortless: Nadia has admitted her relationship is “effortless” | TWITTER

“It’s ┬áthe first time that I have felt like it is effortless.

“I live in London, he lives in Bath. We lead very independent lives and we’re focused on our careers,” she divulged.

“But meeting him has changed my perspective on the UK, just having somebody there is nice.”

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Dublin: Nadia has revealed her heart is at home with her family | PHOTOCALL IRELAND

Although based in London, the brunette beauty revealed Dublin is where her heart is.

“London is a transitional stage in my life, I don’t think I’ll be there forever,” she told the Herald.

“I love coming home to Dublin as much as I can.”


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