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Nadia Forde insists: 'I have NEVER been Rory McIlroy's girlfriend'


Nadia Forde & guests at The Late Late Show

Model turned singer Nadia Forde has insisted she never dated Rory McIlroy

The I’m A Celeb star has been constantly linked to the golfer, but has said the pair were never an item.

When asked if she was ever Rory’s girlfriend Nadia said:

“No I’ve never been. Rory and myself are mutual friends, I really have answered the question so many times,” she said.

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Just friends: Nadia says they never dated | VIPIRELAND.COM

Speaking on the Late Late Show, Nadia told Ryan Tubridy the pair are just pals.

“When I’m out and I’m out with a group of friends and Rory happens to be there. To me he’s just a friend, one of the guys.

“It’s a mixture between his brand that surrounds him and me, automatically there has to be something going on,” she explained.

“It”s been something I’ve tried to shake off,” she added.

Nadia Forde & guests at The Late Late Show

Off the market: Nadia revealed Rory has a girlfriend | VIPIRELAND.COM

The Clontarf native then revealed that Rory is off the market, when Ryan asked if she would ever go on a date with the star.

“No he’s a girlfriend,” she replied.

Meanwhile Nadia revealed she sported a tight white leotard at Brighton’s Pride festival last summer, so the press would stop writing about her love life.

“I picked the white outfit for a reason,” she admitted.

Nadia: Chasing the Dream on 3eNadia Forde performing at Brighton Pride

Publicity stunt: Nadia wanted to be in the press for her outfit

“I had been written about that week on a personal level, about boys, making stuff up as usual.

“So I wanted to be written about for my job, so I said I’ll wear I white leotard, and it worked.”