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Muireann O’Connell admits she ‘hasn’t even thought about’ her upcoming wedding day

Muireann O’Connell has admitted she “hasn’t even thought about” planning her wedding day.

The TV presenter announced her engagement in November, after her longterm boyfriend, who she jokingly calls her “housemate”, proposed in her mother’s kitchen.

Speaking at the Virgin Media Television Spring launch, the Ireland AM star joked it could be “a decade” before she decides to walk down the aisle.

Brian McEvoy

She said: “It took me long enough to agree to put a ring on my finger or think about that, so maybe I’ll get married in a decade. God only knows. We haven’t even thought about it.”

“I’ve organised one party in my life and that was for my 30th, and that was just organising a party in my front room and kitchen and I found that to be a pain in the hoop!”

“So when friends tell me about what it takes to organise a wedding, I want to go screaming from a roof. At this stage, my mother would have me married outside a rusty bucket if she could. I have no idea what we’ll do.”

Earlier this month, the Limerick native revealed she “probably won’t wear white” on her wedding day.

She told RSVP Live: “I only started to understand what my style was two years ago and I started investing in things I actually like, so I really don’t know yet.”

“I probably won’t wear white though. Traditionally when you go back to Eleanor of Aquitaine times, the dress wasn’t a white one, it was red.”

Muireann O’Connell pictured at The Gossies 2020 at the Mansion House, Dublin.
Picture: Brian McEvoy

“I think if I wore white I’d just spill something on it,” the 38-year-old continued.

“I love the idea of someone getting a dress that they adore, dyeing it afterward, and then wearing it again.”

“I don’t want to have a wedding dress that I’d only wear once. And if I have bridesmaids they won’t be getting bridesmaid dresses either, they can buy something that they’d like.”


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