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Miriam O’Callaghan responds to sexist comments made on Gogglebox


Miriam O’Callaghan has responded to sexist comments that were made on Gogglebox Ireland about her – and admitted that she found them funny.

The first episode went down a treat for the nation, which saw some Gogglebox stars make comments on Miriam’s appearance as they tuned into Prime Time.

“The reason why I thought it was funny is I have this theory, which most people have, when you’re a female and you’re on telly, everyone in the first few minutes discusses how you look,” she said.

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Sexism: Miriam admittd that when you’re a woman on TV people discuss how you look within minutes | MICHAEL CHESTER

On the show, some Gogglebox stars said that Miriam looked “very well” – while others commented that her “hair’s after booting down.”

“You could be saying the most intelligent thing or asking the greatest question in the history of questions,” she told the Irish Mirror.

“But both myself and Sharon Ní Bheoláin got the same ‘she’s looking well, she’s looking very well.’

“I actually thought it was very sweet. I really enjoy the British one and I’m going to enjoy it here too.”

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Sweet: The presenter was flattered by the comments made by the Gogglebox stars | VIPIRELAND.COM

RTE’s Director General Dee Forbes recently revealed that the station is set for a loss of €20 million this year – but the news doesn’t seem to bother Miriam.

“When I was in the BBC there was a lot of talk about the need for cutbacks and that was 15 years ago. I think it’s just the nature of broadcasting.

“I’m first and foremost a journalist whether it’s Prime Time, my chat show or my radio show I just must make the programmes.

“I have’t a clue what is or isn’t spent on it. I just try and make good shows and they always get good ratings. At the end of the day if people watch your show then that’s good and that makes me happy,” she added.