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Michael Fassbender reveals how he perfected his Traveller accent for new role


Michael Fassbender has revealed just how hard he worked on his Traveller accent before starring in his latest movie, Trespass Against Us.

The Kerry native plays English Traveller Chad Cutler in the film, and admitted that it took him weeks to perfect the particular West Country accent.

“The process was intensive. It’s a lot of work with tapes, a lot of repetition.

“I did three weeks’ prep going into the film, working on the accent. That’s the boring stuff as an actor,” he told the Irish Sun.

The 39-year-old stars alongside fellow Irish men Brendan Gleeson and Killian Scott, and the movie is set in the Gloucestershire countryside.

Michael plays Chad Cutler, a man who was never sent to school but who now wants a better life for his wife and two children. But, his dad Colby (Brendan Gleeson) does everything he can to stop him.

The actors filmed at a real-life Travellers’ fair for the movie, which Michael admits got a “a bit chaotic”.

“We spent some time filming among that community and I was invited into one of the caravans, and we had a cup of tea together.

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“It was quite a big site and it was important to get involved. People were messing around with catapults and it all became a bit chaotic at times. But we needed that. That insight and authenticity was really important in a film like this.”

The Irish-German actor was also delighted to finally be working with Brenda Gleeson, who he has looked up to since he was a teen.

“I saw him when I was 16 in Ireland doing Juno and the Paycock. I was a fan from then on. He’s always giving you plenty of stuff to work with and to bounce off. I’ve been waiting for a long time to work with him,” he added.