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Met Éireann’s Joanna Donnelly shares trick to keep your house cool during the heatwave

Met Éireann’s Joanna Donnelly has shared a clever trick to keep your house cool during the heatwave.

With temperatures continuing to soar across the country, it’s become increasingly difficult to keep yourself cool.

One TikTok user shared a genius hack which keeps you cool while you sleep, and now there’s a trick to bring the temperature of your whole house down.

Weather forecaster Joanna has explained that it’s better to close your windows and shut your curtains, instead of leaving them open.

On Wednesday, she took to Twitter to share the tip: “To get a better sleep in the coming nights CLOSE the windows in your bedroom during the day and pull the curtains. Keep the warm air out. #Heatwave2022”

One Twitter user replied to tell the RTÉ star that they close their curtain but keep their window open.

“Yes so do most and this works most of the time but not in the next few days as the air will be heating up,” Joanna explained in response. “Close the windows in the day time to keep the hot air out. Open at night.”


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