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Meet the celebrities taking part in RTÉ’s Ultimate Hell Week – The Professionals

Meet the 18 celebrities taking part in RTÉ’s Ultimate Hell Week – The Professionals, which premieres on RTÉ One tonight.

The series will follow a host of famous faces as they take part in a gruelling special forces selection course designed by former members of Ireland’s elite Special Forces unit, the Army Ranger Wing (ARW).

To date, two groups of civilians have taken on RTE’s Ultimate Hell Week challenge, and now it’s the turn of the professionals as eighteen well-known personalities from the world of sports and entertainment attempt to pass the Hell Week course.


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With a failure rate upwards of 90%, only the toughest candidates will survive.

The celebrity line-up includes singer Jake Carter, former rugby player Peter Stringer, professional dancer Laura Nolan, footballer Stephanie Roche, actor Ryan Andrews, reality star Marc O’Neill, former GAA player Eamon McGee, and popular influencer Niamh Cullen.

Cork GAA star Valerie Mulcahy, weatherman Deric Hartigan, online comedian Rory O’Connor, former rugby player Andrew Trimble, musician Barry Murphy, swimmer Melanie Nocher, RTÉ teacher John Sharpson, model and influencer Paul Olima, rugby player Anna Caplice and former GAA star Darran O’Sullivan will also make an appearance.

Over five days, the celebrity recruits will be required to pass numerous rigorous physical and mental tests.


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Surviving on two to three hours of sleep a night, they will have to overcome cold-water events, height tests and claustrophobic challenges as well as various trials of strength, stamina and determination.

Based on the actual exercises and tests currently used the on the ARW selection course, the Hell Week course instructors (DS) have designed a course that will test recruits physical, emotional and psychological resilience.

The recruits, some of Irelands fittest celebrities, all have one thing in common – each of them believes they have what it takes to pass the course.

And with each recruit representing a charity of their choice, the stakes are high… The longer they last, the more they will raise for their worthy cause.

Failure to meet the required standards means they will be asked to leave the course. For those who decide they cannot go on, they simply have to D.O. (drop out) by handing in their number to the DS.

Ultimate Hell Week – The Professionals premieres on September 8th at 9.35pm on RTÉ One.


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