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Maura Higgins wins praise for removing her makeup on live TV

Maura Higgins has won praise on social media for removing her makeup on live TV.

The reality star appeared on Loose Women today, where she took off her makeup on camera to encourage her younger fans to embrace their natural beauty.

Appearing bare faced on the show, Maura laughed: “I feel very naked right now!”

When asked why she decided to come on TV sans makeup, the 30-year-old replied: “I feel like for me, I’m thinking more of the younger generation.”

“All the youngsters look at these picture perfect photos on social media and think people in the public eye are perfect, but we have glam teams, filters.”

“I just feel like it’s very important to show the natural side and the realness. We all have blemishes, we all get the odd spot now and again.”

“I [recently] turned 30 and hope to have a family someday. And you know, I fear for my kids entering social media because of those reasons, because kids are hard on themselves.”

Maura appeared on Loose Women with no makeup on

Following her appearance on the show, viewers took to Twitter to praise the Love Island star.

One viewer tweeted: “I love @MauraHiggins and listening to her on
@loosewomen discussing ‘wearing no make up’. It’s refreshing and I love how honest she is about it. She looks amazing in make up and amazing without.”

Another commented: “Looking stunning with and without makeup. A great message to sent out to young impressionable girls about reality V real life. We need more of Maura on our tv’s.”

A third viewer tweeted: “Great to see @MauraHiggins taking this stance and changing from fillers and full make up. Hate how reality stars, not going to name them with the VERY LARGE LIPS and fillers and full make up feel they need to look ‘perfect’……well done Maura.”


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