Maura Higgins suggests being ‘friends with benefits’ with Chris Taylor – as they address romance rumours

Fans are rooting for these two to get together


Maura Higgins suggested being “friends with benefits” with Chris Taylor, as they addressed romance rumours on Thursday’s Love Island: What Happened Next.

Over the past few months, the Love Island stars have been plagued by rumours that they’re secretly dating – despite insisting their relationship is strictly platonic.

During the episode, Maura said: “I do receive a lot of messages and so does Chris. It’s always, ‘You and Chris would make a perfect couple, why don’t you get together?'”

Chris then said: “Some people might think me and Maura are a really good pair, and we are, we get on really well…”

“We’ve got similar personalities, similar banter. We hang out all the time. I think to find someone you can be really comfortable with is really rare.”

Maura then jokingly said: “Maybe someday we might be friends with benefits? Who knows!”