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Maura Higgins’ mum reveals the star faces ‘nasty bullying’ online

“Bullying is bullying and that is what it is."


Maura Higgins’ mum Sharon has opened up about her daughter’s experiences with online bullying.

Speaking on 2FM Breakfast to Eoghan McDermott, Sharon explained that after her time on Love Island, Maura bore the brunt of online trolling

Sharon revealed that the bullying impacted Maura’s friends and family, as well as the Irish reality TV star. 


Sharon said: “I know all about all the trolling and the bullying and I have seen it all first-hand myself.”

“It doesn’t just affect the person they are targeting, it affects their family and close friends.”

“Bullying is bullying and that is what it is. You have keyboard warriors, you have false accounts saying nasty, nasty things and the way I say it to Maura is these people have nothing better to do.”

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“They are putting up nasty, nasty things but saying and calling her the height of names.”

“You have to think of it this way, what kind of person is writing that? Sure, they are the ones that are being nasty.”

“You will always have that person that just wants to pull somebody’s confidence down. It is going on in society all the time. It can go on in the workplace; it can go on in schools. Bullying is horrible, no matter what form it is in.”

Maura recently finished up her stint on Dancing On Ice, and has hinted that she is working on launching her own beauty line.