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Matt Damon reveals Bono asked if he needed ‘help’ during hilarious FaceTime call

Matt Damon has revealed Bono asked him if he needed “help” during a hilarious FaceTime call while he was living in Ireland.

The Hollywood actor lived in Dalkey with his family during the first coronavirus lockdown, where he counted the U2 frontman as his neighbour.

Speaking on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week, Matt spoke about his time in Ireland, and recalled one particular night he gave Bono a serious shock. 

Bono & The Edge arrive for the annual Christmas Eve Busk 2018 on Grafton Street, Dublin, Ireland – 24.12.18. Pictures: G. McDonnell / VIPIRELAND.COM **IRISH RIGHTS ONLY**

Matt said: “We shut down right when I got to Ireland, and my family and I, we just took a vote, we decided to stay.”

“It was a great decision. We had a great, great time there and kind of got absorbed into this beautiful little community.”

“We were in Dalkey, just near Dublin. And it’s this great little town and we were as lucky as you can get.”

Jimmy then asked: “I heard a story that you FaceTimed the mayor?”

Referring to Bono as “The Mayor of Dalkey”, Matt explained: “I FaceTimed him the night that my wife and I had a few drinks.”

“It was a Friday night, and I’d let the kids dye my hair red, like I was their art project basically.”

“It was clear that we weren’t going back to work and so then they decided I needed a mohawk. So they mohawked me and that was the night I FaceTimed him.”

“He was like ‘what are you doing?’ The hair was actually maroon. I looked like a rooster! He was like ‘What have you done? What is happening over there? Do we need to come and help you?’” he laughed.


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