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Matt Damon praised for ‘impeccable manners’ – after meeting Dublin locals

Matt Damon has been praised by locals for his “impeccable manners” – after he dined in a cafe in Dalkey.

The Hollywood actor had jetted to Ireland to shoot a new movie alongside Ben Affleck and Adam Driver, but landed before shooting began, meaning he was here just as quarantine conditions were put in place nationwide.

Before Matt went into isolation he had popped into local eatery The Corner Note Cafe, and staff have revealed the actor was lovely to everyone.

Café owner Mary Canniston said she was surprised when she realised “the guy at table 92” was in fact The Bourne franchise star.

“He came in at about 9.30 on a Sunday morning. It was 15 March so just two days before we went into lockdown,” she told the Irish Mail on Sunday.

“He was with his wife and his beautiful children, there were six of them in total, he was the last in and he was wearing a baseball cap, and I did catch the American accent but other than that he was just like any other customer,” she added.

“He had a beautiful family. They were all impeccably mannered, so polite, unassuming just really lovely people,” she admitted.

Many thought rumours of Matt being in Dublin during self-isolation were just that, but since the news broke Matt has been seen “jogging” around Dalkey, and reportedly ordered gym equipment to the property he is staying in with his family.

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