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Marissa Carter praised for speaking about miscarriages on RTE’s Cutting Edge

The beauty mogul opened up about her own experience


Marissa Carter has been praised for speaking about her miscarriages on RTE.

The Cocoa Brown Tan and Carter Beauty founder opened up about suffering three miscarriages, and said she wants society to be more open and honest about the issue.

Marissa revealed the Miscarriage Association in the UK have brought out Greeting Cards with messages like: ‘I Wish This Wasn’t Happening To You’.

Marissa opened up about miscarriage

“I just think this is a really good step in the right direction towards being more open as a society to discuss miscarriage and women being able to talk about it and dare I say it even tell people they’re pregnant before the 12 weeks before that ‘safe’ period ends.

“Most miscarriages happen before the 12 week period, that’s why you’re told ‘don’t tell anyone’. So the miscarriage can happen in secret,” Marissa said.

“I speak from personal experience I’ve had 3 miscarriages, one was at 6 weeks, one was at 9 weeks, one was at 13 weeks,” she continued.

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“For two of those miscarriages I hadn’t told anyone, I was lying to my friends about why I was upset.”

The CEO also revealed she was “hurt” when people commented that “at least” she wasn’t “five months pregnant” when she lost her child.

“That raelly cut me,” she admitted.

“Because actually as soon as I saw those two blue lines on the pregnancy test…that’s when I started planning where the crib would go, planning where I was going to put the changing table, thinking of names, wondering will it be a boy or a girl.

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The mum-of-two added that she felt guilty and paranoid when her friends didn’t ask her about it.

“Loads of friends never ever mentioned it to me… (I thought) maybe my friends think I’m working too much.

“Any judgement we feel is magnified by the silence,” she added.

Marissa’s comments were welcomed on Twitter, where users praised her for opening up about the topic and getting rid of the stigma surrounding miscarriages.

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