Marian Finucane compares pressure of radio stats to sitting the Leaving Cert

The radio host admits she doesn't want her family paraded around in public


Marian Finucane has compared the pressure of keeping radio statistics high to sitting your Leaving Cert.

The RTE star is one of the most popular broadcasters on air but suffered a blow this year losing 13,000 listeners this quarter.

“I regard it as doing your Leaving Cert in public, every three months,” she said.

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Back to school: Marian feels like JNLR’s are like the Leaving Cert but every three months | VIPIRELAND.COM

The presenter admitted that she hopes to improve in the next JNLR’s but has no hopes for her family to be in the public eye.

“Onwards and upwards, let’s look at what we did, how we’re doing it, how we can improve, how we can change, how we can tweak it,” she told the Irish Independent.

“I took the view that I chose a job that was in the public eye but my family didn’t, so it’s a question of what you can inflict on your family.

“I was absolutely determined that there was no question of kids being paraded around the place. Out of the question.”