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Majella O'Donnell loves being a SINGLE woman when husband Daniel is away

Majella O’Donnell has told how she feels like a single woman with Daniel is away on tour – and loves it.

The 54-year-old admitted she has “double life” when she’s at home alone in Donegal which she feels is “ideal”.

“I kind of have a double life because I am single a lot of the time and then have a husband a lot of the time – ideal really,” she said.

But Majella does find it expensive to be on her own.


Couple: Majella with husband Daniel – when he is at home

“I find just shopping when I’m on my own when Daniel is away and I have to get stuff for the dinner,” she explained.

“I have to buy four onions in a pack or I have to buy a bag of carrots.

“Everything is in bulk so you do end up spending more. Like electricity bills or you put the fire on and it costs the same putting it on for one as for two.”


Brave: Majella shaved head on Late Late Show

And Majella told TV3’s Midday show that her treatment is going well – and will be having more corrective surgery in September after her double mastectomy.

“Everything is going well with my treatment, just a little more corrective surgery come September,” she said.

“Apart from that, it’s going well. I feel good.”


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