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Majella O'Donnell: 'I called social workers and told them to take my kids away'

Majella O’Donnell has revealed she called social workers and told them they needed to take her kids off her.

The 54-year-old said depression stopped her from being able to cope with children Siobhan and Michael when they were toddlers.

And Majella – whose husband is singer Daniel O’Donnell – felt so helpless that she locked herself in the bathroom away from her kids and called social services.

Guests on The Late Late Show 24.10.08.

Hard times: Majella with husband Daniel O’Donnell | VIPIRELAND.COM

She said: “Here I was with my two beautiful babies and I just couldn’t cope. I felt like a three-year-old.

“And I just phoned [social services] and said ‘hands-up I can’t cope, please will somebody come and help’.

“I was inside in the toilet with the door locked with a three-year-old banging on it saying ‘let me in’.”

And Majella, who was in her 20s when she had her two kids with her first husband, is devastated to have missed so many moments of motherhood.


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She added: “I would give anything to have my kids at that age again, in a very healthy place, so I could cuddle them and squeeze them and just be close to them.”

Speaking on UTV, Majella – who feels she will be be on anti-depressants for the rest of her life – said breast cancer was easier to deal with than her depression battle.

She added: “Cancer is a thing… you can visualise it, you can cut it out, you can chemo it, you can radiate it.

“When you get depression, it’s really hard to describe, never mind somebody treating it, when you can’t even tell them what the hell it is that you’re feeling or going through.”


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