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Mairead Ronan says she is happy to take a pay cut – to save jobs in Today FM

Mairead Ronan has admitted a pay cut is “worth doing” if it means saving the jobs of others in Today FM.

The radio station announced last week that pay cuts would be taking place throughout the company, averaging a loss of 10-25% in income.

Mairead, who has her own lunchtime show on the station said she was happy to take a pay cut, knowing it means others will get to keep their jobs.

Mairead on Dancing With The Stars
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“There will be no redundancies and everyone’s delighted about that as staff were very worried at possible job losses,” she told the Irish Independent.

“If everybody takes a bit of a hit now, then it will be worth it in the long run,” she admitted.

“There are also plans to retrain staff who aren’t that busy anymore to take on other roles.

Mairead Ronan pictured at The Gossies 2020 at the Mansion House, Dublin.
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“It’s a case of putting the shoulder to the wheel and I totally accept it. I felt it was coming anyway and everyone needs to get on with it.

“I’m delighted to still be working. If it saves jobs then it’s worth doing,” she added.

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