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Mairead Ronan reveals she’s self-isolating – after her husband and children contracted Covid-19

"We have been so careful all year but it’s just everywhere..."


Mairead Ronan has revealed she is self-isolating at home, after both her husband and children tested positive for Covid-19.

The Today FM presenter’s husband Louis and their daughters Eliza (4) and Bonnie (2) have all contracted the deadly virus, while she and her 13-year-old son Dara have managed to avoid it.

Speaking to the Irish Independent, the 40-year-old explained: “I have been tested three times and I am completely negative.”


“I clearly have some sort of immunity to it because I haven’t got it despite the fact that I was in the same bed as Louis. He was breathing all over me, I didn’t get it and I still don’t have it.

“That’s three in the house who got it and myself and my 13-year-old son, Dara, both tested negative. ­We have been so careful all year but it’s just everywhere.

“We were just unlucky and picked it up in the community,” she explained.


Mairead admitted: “I feel so disappointed because we have been so careful. That is almost the annoying part. I haven’t seen my family since Christmas day but it is what it is.

“I am mystified because we were all so careful. I know what it takes to be careful and then it arrives, it is in my house.

“My husband has been quite sick. He didn’t have any breathing difficulties but just had extreme fatigue.

“Bonnie was extremely tired, so very sleepy which is worrying because they are so full of energy and when you see a two-year-old that’s really tired, it’s just so upsetting. Eliza has no symptoms yet and she is happy out, playing dolls,” she added.

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“We were very unlucky and we had been so careful. At Christmas, we just had my family. At the moment, we are completely trapped in the house and we can’t even take our dog, Murphy, for a walk.

“We have been getting shopping dropped to the door and my sister lives around the corner and she has been getting me things if I am running low on milk or anything like that.

“Thank God my 82-year-old dad is OK, and so too are my two sisters. My sister works in Dublin airport and she has the option of being tested every few days there. It’s great to know that she is clear and can see my dad.”

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Mairead revealed she would be returning to work next week, but would be broadcasting from home.

“I will just go to the quietest room in the house and set myself up there and please God, no dog and no children walk in,” she said.

“Then the week after, I’m able to go back into the office from mid week. Our child minder will have returned and some form of normality will have returned to our lives.”