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Mairead Ronan admits she found lockdown ‘very tough’ – as she juggled parenting and full-time work

Mairead Ronan has admitted she found lockdown “very tough”, as she juggled parenting and full-time work.

The 40-year-old was kept busy with her two young children, Eliza and Bonnie, and her teenage son Dara, as well as hosting her Today FM lunchtime show.

Ahead of the return of Ireland’s Fittest Family, which the mother-of-three hosts, Mairead reflected on the difficult year.

As reported by The Sun, Mairead said: “I found lockdown very, very tough.”

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“I know there’s some people who ‘enjoyed’ it. Some people didn’t realise they needed to pause and they found that space helpful. I didn’t enjoy it at all.

“I had no childcare and I was working full time. I had two babies and a teenager,” she explained.

“I found it so disappointing when there was no mention of childcare ever. It was like we expected people to still do their jobs, even though we took away all their usual supports.

“I found it so difficult. I felt I wasn’t good at my job and I wasn’t good as a parent either.”


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“I found it so stressful, I was a bit shook after,” Mairead added.

“There’s one thing I’ve been working on for a few years but 2020 really put a spotlight on it.

“I need to say no more. I’ve said yes to everything. The standout from the year for me was that there was no pressure to be anywhere.”

Pic Brian McEvoy

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