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Maia Dunphy has a weekend of celebrations ahead for baby Tom’s first birthday

It’s one year since Maia Dunphy and Johnny Vegas welcomed baby Tom into the world and they are celebrating his first birthday in style.

Maia took to Twitter to reveal that it will be a joint birthday and Christening for the tot and quipped: “He’s writing a speech as we speak”.

She tweeted: “Baby Tom’s first birthday and Christening this weekend! Busy time for the little man. He’s writing a speech as we speak……”

Maia previously admitted she found the first few weeks of being a mother “overwhelming” but soon adjusted with ease and it quickly started to feel like Tom has “always been here”.

“Motherhood is just better than I expected and I’m such a sad cliché of a mother for saying this, but it actually feels like he’s always been here,” she said.

“I found the first few weeks overwhelming and slightly terrifying but it’s lovely and every week that goes by I get to know him a little better.

“He has his own little personality and you get so much more back as they get older – he laughs and smiles and he’s generally good craic,” she told the Sunday World Magazine.

Maia – who set up a blog about motherhood called The M Word – recently slammed people who suggest women should be of a younger age to start a family.

“I got pregnant really quickly and I had a perfect pregnancy. I’d no problems and I didn’t put on that much weight, I wasn’t sick, so I was very lucky,” said Maia, who was 39 when she had Tom.

“Everyone is so obsessed with age and people ask, “Do you wish you had him younger?

“And there’s no point in asking that. It’s so futile. I had him at 39. Sleep deprivation is sleep deprivation, whether you’re 21 or 41, and I’m healthier now than in my 20s. I want to enjoy Tom while he’s little,” she explained.


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