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Maia Dunphy: 'I don't want to be defined by being a mum'


Maia Dunphy has admitted that she doesn’t want motherhood to define her.

The TV star had her first son, Tom Laurence earlier this year with partner Johnny Vegas but she has insisted that being a mum is not all she is.

The RTE host also revealed that she can’t stand strangers who thinks it’s acceptable to come up to pregnant women and touch their stomachs.

maia dunphy and husband

Motherhood: Maia doesn’t want being a mum to define her | BRIAN MCEVOY

“It’s so bizarre – can you imagine any other situation when a person you hardly know would come up and touch you?” she said.

“It wouldn’t happen. People just expect that they can ask you strangely intimate questions about childbirth.”

“People are asking me if I’m breastfeeding and I think, is it really any of your business? The second you have a baby, people see you in a different way.”

“I don’t want it to define me,” she told TV Now.


Judgement: Maia doesn’t think people should judge mums on how they give birth | BRIAN MCEVOY

Meanwhile, Maia also revealed she’s not a fan of people who judge mums based on how they gave birth.

“The home birth people say you shouldn’t be in hospital, you’re not sick, but I would think, if you’re happy for your birth to be medicalised and you know the reason why, then so be it,” she siad.

“If you choose an elective C-section, that’s okay too. People can be so judgemental about how women choose to give birth.”

“So I thought, let’s all inform ourselves, make our own choices and have them respected.”