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Love Island: Meet the confirmed singletons heading into Casa Amor – including three Irish contestants

Six Casa Amor contestants have been officially confirmed for Love Island.

The highly anticipated challenge is set to return soon, and will see the boys or girls move into a separate villa with six new arrivals.

The Islanders left behind in the main villa are also joined by six new people, in a bid to shake things up.

The twist was designed to tempt the Islanders, and see if they will ditch whoever they were previously coupled up with for a newbie.

This year’s line-up includes three Irish contestants, as well as former Islander Chris Hughes’ ex-girlfriend.

Take a look:

Salma Naran


Salma Naran is a 20-year-old model/influencer from Dublin, who describes herself as confident, fiery and chatty.

When asked why she signed up for the show, the Irish beauty said: “I’ve never been in love. What better place to have a tunnel vision and really finding your one? It’s the perfect atmosphere, you don’t have the outside world distractions.”

“It looks like time moves fast in there in a good way – it’s like, do you actually like me or not? In the real world it’s so wishy-washy. With this, it’s just, you need to know.”

Mary Bedford


Mary Bedford is a 22-year-old model who famously dated former Love Island star Chris Hughes.

The Wakefield native said: “I have the worst luck, ever, with boys. Genuinely the worst ever. I always get dragged into the same circle of boys. So I was like, I need to go in another direction.”

When asked who she has her eye on, Mary said: “Liam. He’s just beautiful. He’s 6ft6 for a start, he seems really old-school, like a gentleman. And he’s basically the same age as me. He’s perfect. Other than that Teddy or Toby.”

“I’m just going to get in there, see how Liam actually is feeling about Millie really and then reassess. I’m definitely not one to lay it on thick. I’ll just do a bit of flirting and see how it goes. That’s the whole aim isn’t it?”

“If I go in there and I really like Liam I’ll have to step on Millie’s toes. If all the boys are coupled up you will be stepping on toes. If I could get away with not having a conversation I probably would as I hate confrontation, but if I need to I would.”

Kaila Troy


Kaila Troy is a 28-year-old DJ from Dublin.

She said: “My friends would say I’m very energetic. Never got into drinking, was never my thing, but I’d be the one up all night still and they’d be falling asleep.”

“They’d say I was very outgoing and hardworking for sure. What I want I go and get it. Independent, too. And caring and loving.”

Harry Young


Harry Young is a 24-year-old car salesman from Glasgow.

He said: “I’ve been single for a year and a half and previously went through heartbreak and I’ve had a bit of fun as well. Obviously, COVID then hit so I haven’t had the chance to date.”

“It was through Tinder that I signed up [for Love Island]. Over the past year it was easier to start off an initial conversation online because pubs and clubs were closed.”

When asked who he has his eye on, Harry said: “Kaz has always been in my top three. But once I’m in there and speaking with people, it could change.”

Medhy Malanda


Medhy Malanda is a 24-year-old American football player/model from Belgium.

When asked why he signed up for the show, Medhy said: “I’ve been single for 4 years and I love a good challenge. I love temptation so I thought why not?”

“[I have my eye on] Kaz. Kaz’s personality is fiery, she’s got energy, she’s funny and she’s got a beautiful smile and she’s a nice girl in general. And Millie seems like a nice girl and she’s obviously good looking as well.”

Matthew MacNabb


Matthew MacNabb is a 26-year-old Strategic Marketing Consultant from Belfast.

He said: “My family would describe me as very relaxed and laid back, positive and optimistic. And my friends would describe me as very adventurous and very positive.”

When asked why he signed up for the show, Matthew said: “The main thing is the adventure, it seems like a really fun thing to do.”

Love Island continues on Sunday on Virgin Media One and Virgin Media Player at 9pm.


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