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Louise Cooney shares emotional posts as she returns to Ireland: ‘I’m pressing pause on the New York dream’

The popular influencer is returning to Ireland

Louise was forced to leave her dream apartment in New York due to the pandemic

Top Irish influencer Louise Cooney has revealed she is leaving New York and returning to Ireland.

The Limerick blogger had made the move to the Big Apple in September, to start a new life, but now she is coming home amid the Coronavirus pandemic.

The fashionista took to Instagram to reveal the news in an emotional post.

“Pressing pause on the New York dream for now,” she wrote.

“Not the year I planned, like a lot of people, but NY will always be her.. much bigger things going on in the world right now.”

“It’s time to go home. I’ll be back hopefully for summer to enjoy every second of it,” she added.

Earlier this week Louise had told her followers that she had booked flights home for Saturday, after making the decision to move back to Ireland.

“I’m going to fly on Saturday… and Cooper can hopefully come – I’ve emailed AerLingus – and we’re going to self-isolate for two weeks when we get back just in case we have anything or are carrying anything,” she said.

“It’s spread so quickly in New York that it’s actually scary. That’s kind of why I want to go [home] because the numbers are crazy and they’re growing so quickly.”

It comes just weeks after Louise admitted she was feeling “homesick”.