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Louise Cooney explains why the launch of her brand has been delayed

Louise Cooney has explained why the launch of her brand has been delayed.

The Irish influencer has been working on the secret project since early 2020, after she returned to Ireland from New York due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Limerick native had hoped to launch the brand over the summer, but unfortunately she has experienced some major delays.

In an Instagram Q&A on Monday, Louise was asked: “When is your new product being released? I thought it was August. Excited to see.”

The 29-year-old replied: “Awh thank you so much! I’ve just ran into more delays than I could have ever imagined, changes of plans, extra costs, you name it!”

“Working away on things quietly offline. It’s such a cool learning experience & can’t wait to share when everything is good to go! All hopefully by the end of the year.”

Louise, who recently went Instagram official with her new boyfriend, announced she was launching her own brand in December last year.

Speaking to about her plans for 2021 at the time, she said: “I hope to launch a new brand that I have been working on since the start of lockdown.”

Louise remained tight-lipped about what the brand would be, but teased: “I can’t wait to share it!”



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